Retail customers do business innovation can not be low

is now a lot of people do business is to follow the pace of peers, not only do not have their own characteristics, but also often because the late step led to their business did not develop. Huaian urban retail customers Jiang Fengsu is very famous, it was said that he was conservative, it was said that he was practical, but such a real person, opened a few years store, business is not much improvement. What is the reason? The reason is his pace is always on the back of others, while some others sell goods, very prosperous, he once again the introduction of these goods, but not popular. Sales of goods are always like this, the old river often sigh, his bad luck! What what to sell is not popular.

of course, Jiang boss such a business approach in our retail customers in the minority. Some retail customers lack of innovation, lack of market development forecast; some simply follow the others behind. Others looked at what goods sell, he sold what kind of commodity, worry and effort, how much can follow behind a piece, but he did not know that other people’s pockets bulging, he will start to do, sell more people, of course, benefit less, there is no innovation no, no benefits, a pair of good eyes, only being dental benefits.

analysis of

analyst: retail customer Wang Hui

Lao Jiang’s approach, which occupies a large proportion of our retail customers. There are a lot of retail customers operating conservative thinking, business thinking backward, no pioneering spirit, just blindly follow suit. Who does not know "missed, the difference in the world". At the end of the fierce competition in the market, one step ahead, will win the Unlimited Business Opportunities. And some blind followers of the market, many of the victims became the last.

first, go back with others is relatively simple, but with the pioneer in the market, resources, sales ability and profit etc., have congenital defects, the probability of great profit is very low; the second is the sale of goods is very sweet man after First impressions are strongest, "very difficult to go beyond the leader once, followed by many people, it is possible to cause the market to hold large inventories and prices go up, even in the hands of" rotten ". Many people think that behind the others will not stumble, "gun fight bird", and the market is an invisible smoke of the battlefield, did not enjoy the benefits, only fight at outrance competition. You do not innovate, do not find, it will not stand out, become strong.

peer weapon: retail customers Zhang Ya

one step ahead, to win the Unlimited Business Opportunities, said it makes sense. I have a deep feeling about it. Just opened the shop that time, I cost less, do things very carefully, looking at that summer, the city of a beer has just entered the local market, just started to contact me, I press >

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