You need to make your own decisions

people have this idea, a little salary, what time can I turn? There are a lot of people are confused, because want to have their own career, many people will ask me whether to work or do business, work for a lifetime so entrepreneurship it has risk. The following Xiaobian to share a similar story.

originally Yushiwuzheng lived, zhijuzhechangle life, since then, the idea is particularly much, always want to how the money earned through their own business to come back, do not let others joke. Nothing on the Alibaba, learn how to start a business; sometimes through the owner to chat, to find out how they are entrepreneurial success. I found that by understanding all walks of life, electronic factory, metal factory, chemical factory, handbag factory, even the recycling of all, but there is a most basic feature is the 99% are from the factory to start business, and then opened their own factories. College degree or above accounted for about 10%, (it is verified before posting a diploma of wage earners, no diploma only when the boss, have a diploma) is a domestic enterprise exporting (English), the other one is to do network information, the two are 80, the other no details. I have to remind the owners, entrepreneurs should choose loneliness, to the primitive accumulation of capital; the owner advised me to start from the familiar with the automotive industry, he can do financial support, vehicle maintenance and accessories, but because the do in the company for seven years, the leadership is also good for me, do not want to do our thing (because I’m sorry go out to do maintenance, must use the resources available now have to do, it will damage the interests of the company); and do plastic owners directly, if you are interested in doing this, I can come here to do business. But the start of a strange industry, from scratch, personally think that this is not a step.

my current situation is the annual salary of about 100 thousand (after tax), foreign debt is still 130 thousand (colleagues and students of the money was paid, the rest is to borrow my brother, sister, they know that I cheated, I will not find it, add savings to buy a house and get married before work out), now at hand about 30 thousand of the cash, personal credit can raise funds about 100 thousand. My parents and my wife didn’t support my business, they are against the last investment, are now take the last thing I grumble, I put the customer success stories to tell them to listen to their parents. "

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