How to find a good idea

now this era of business people a lot, a lot of people to change their own destiny through entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is not easy, entrepreneurs need a good idea, but now a lot of entrepreneurial venture project on the market close to saturation, if you want to enter the enterprise market, must find a good business idea. Talk about easy to do difficult, if you want to find a good business ideas need to master a few tricks. Here’s a look at the specific tips of individual entrepreneurs to get rich!

1, the amount of money will be reduced to the minimum entrepreneurial ideas.

do not borrow, do not put down the family savings, the chance of success is only 20 ~ 30% of the new business, it is not worth your adventure. You plan to make a career out of your existing ideas and your personal talents and expertise, and only a little cash.

2, learn to sell yourself.

as a small business operators, people buy you, not your product. As long as you know how to sell yourself, the initial investment does not need to prepare a large amount of money. Open thirty days, you can find customers, cash will come in 60 days to help promote business growth.

3, generous to customers.

new business should not charge too much for customers. In my case, I even offer free service to the customers to let them know what I can do. Even if there is no contract, they will introduce other paying customers to me. Sometimes, you have to use a small fish to catch a big fish.

4, at the beginning, it is best to provide products or services directly from home.

I was in the bedroom corner, with a table, a chair, a small computer, a consultancy. Within five years, the company received more than five hundred thousand, have their offices and twelve employees. Everything from small scale, gradually expand.

5, operating alone.

avoid inviting others to partner when starting a business idea. Partnership is like marriage, are you willing to accept such a tie? What’s more, the statistics show that the relationship between the marriage, the two pairs of one to divorce in general, if you want your business ideas, it is best to come. Of course, it’s up to you.

want to start a business, a few suggestions above is helpful, hope you can have a good read, I wish you a smooth start, get rich entrepreneurial ideas about personal know-how Xiaobian introduced here, you have mastered the business friends? Everything is hard in the beginning, impact on the future business ideas, you must not be impatient because entrepreneurial friends without a thorough analysis of the cases were selected.

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