2012 nvestment in what business is better


2012 people who want to start a business, but also a lot of people want to join the project, but most people want to join a small capital business, today the whole network Xiaobian to introduce several small capital to join the business, let’s take a look at it.

breakfast car business

wonton skin 3 pounds, ten Steamed Jiaozi drawer, drawer to drawer 100 80 buns, leek box more than and 70, more than and 80 Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame, Soybean Milk, Millet Congee, tofu curd, tea eggs…… We must cook now. "Must be done now, if done to take over, what business to do in winter, it is not fresh, but also easy to pollution." Qi Congyou said, such as tofu brain, if you do good luck in advance, as early as a bucket of water. The steamed stuffed bun, just out of the pot, like a balloon like, soft, good-looking and delicious.

dry cleaning business.

Hot pot shop

Malatang business


holds 50 thousand, investment projects are limited, take my investment in the snack bar, I bear the rent is 80 square metre rent 3000 yuan. The best choice by downtown near farmers market place. It is best to pay rent one month to pay, or three months to pay a decoration and facilities store! White wall, ceiling mounted lamp, installed exhaust, 80 square at least 5000 yuan 3000 yuan; ground ceramic decoration. Kitchen decoration and facilities 4000 yuan, 15 sets of table and chair for 6000 yuan, two sets of 60> air conditioning

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