How much money is needed to invest in Shanxian County mutton soup Restaurant

mutton soup is nourishing, why this is the pursuit of health card people love mutton soup, of course there are a lot of food and beverage market in Shanxian County brand of mutton soup, mutton soup is a popular brand of mutton soup.

Shanxian County mutton soup, which is a very good diet. Many people think that winter is to eat mutton soup, so it is completely mistaken, as early as the Han Dynasty, the farm every year has been quite common in hot summer and cold winter eating sheep. In the modern and traditional health effects among the delicious food requirements in one of the Jianyang mutton soup, meet the needs of the citizens. Shanxian County mutton soup meat tender, fat but not greasy, warm but not fire, especially the milk white soup, the taste delicious thick, long aftertaste, is any dish a soup are unmatched.

investment in Shanxian County mutton soup restaurant need how many money?

investment is very small, fast return. Very low risk. Just started to open soup Museum Store should not be large, 30 – 50 square is appropriate, even more experienced researchers also try to control in 100 level within. Location, do not choose Wang shop back street, generally in the community or three or four types of streets, pay attention to the surrounding environment is clean and beautiful shop. This kind of low price shops, with all the dishes soup consumer groups, and can develop the community surrounding new customers. Open mutton soup restaurant does not need decoration, as long as the shop clean clean, can choose from the secondary market to the tables and chairs can be opened. Investment of 30 – 50 square shop, a total investment of about 16000 yuan, (year rent 10000 yuan, 3000 yuan pot stove, furniture 1500 yuan, as the operator) to minimize the risks. Ready to open. Investment in this store is only 10 thousand yuan, the risk is still very small, the first good business, good business gradually expand the size of the store.

above is a brief introduction of Shanxian County mutton soup investment funds, if there are inadequacies also please understand. If you have any other questions about this brand is not clear, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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