2017 low threshold to make money what good projects

High threshold

numerous opportunities to outside, many have entrepreneurial ideas are a popular now in fact, in the era of entrepreneurship, millions of people have their own shops, low threshold, easy operation, low risk, want the key to realize the goal that are able to choose good business opportunities. The following is a small series of 8 low threshold to set up a business start-up projects, so as to prepare countless entrepreneurs who make money in 2017 to do a reference.

2017 low threshold to make money a good project: open a hair salon

although the rural past, but the village Barber beauty is a blank, great market potential, young men and women can learn hairdressing skills, the store opened in the township seat. Ten thousand yuan tuition fees and the purchase of hairdressing, beauty equipment. If operating properly, when the monthly profit of more than 2000 yuan.

2017 low threshold to make a good project: spinning bar

1) in the downtown area of the city or in the leisure and leisure gathering rent a set of 100-200 square meters around the room;

2 store decoration is not too luxurious, but to highlight the "textile" features, revealing a strong folk customs;

3) according to the characteristics of the textile and customer requirements can be set up more than a single room, and give these rooms give poetic or modern name;

4) to purchase large quantities of old wooden loom, a spinning wheel and other tools from the folk, from all over the country to purchase some handmade fabrics, such as: Miao batik, folk textile cloth, for customers to visit and enjoy or purchase;

5) on a variety of investment, 3-5 million to open shop business.

2017 low threshold to get money for project: handmade embroidery shop

is popular in recent years is very popular retro tide, has also become a hot fashion, embroidery. You can rent a 20 square meters of the facade, open a handmade embroidery shop. Rent and renovation costs control in less than 30 thousand yuan, plus office license and other costs, start-up capital of about 40 thousand yuan. Embroidery of the color to be rich, trees, flowers, figures, animal will be welcome; in addition to improve customer service quality of service, maintenance and embroidery tell customers how to choose their own embroidery little knowledge, and try to help them free repair.

2017 low threshold to make a good project: Chocolate square

chocolate is the favorite of many people, it is smooth taste, rich nutrition. Now some of the smart business, started a handmade chocolate business. Small money to make good projects, to provide customers with raw materials and labor

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