Open shop to find sources to follow the trend vane

open shop has become a fashion, but open shop, from where to find it? Found the source of open shop also need what business skills? The following Xiaobian to share with you now open shop to find the source of skills.

to go out shopping and markets more

we know a lot of the net friend are called "Indoorsman", is actually a nest at home that, usually in addition to the post office and the bank, very little real contact with society, many girls may be a little better, a little money, will go to large shopping, but these are to run the market is not enough, especially the city’s largest shopping mall and the city’s largest bazaars, shops, is now a mainstream product type and price, as well as people’s preferences, then according to the understanding of the situation, to the wholesale market to see the goods, first to fight not to rush delivery, but ask to see more at least, asked more than 5 same types of shops, more than the contrast.


to give a lot of friends always said: "open shop how to find sources? How every time I finally made a hot type, just do it, the whole wind again?"

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