Cai Yuanhong family management can keep good staff

is now a lot of shops will hire employees, more than dozens, less one or two, regardless of the number of employees, are related to the management. How to manage employees, Cai Yuanhong is taken by the family management. It is because of such a management policy, which allows him to retain more good employees, the operation of the store also has a great help.

I have sixteen

supermarket business for seven years, from the original one of only more than and 20 square meters of small grocery stores to supermarkets in one hundred and eighty square meters now, pay a lot of hard work and sweat. When I shop I have a busy, both the employer and employee. Today, I hired four clerk in the store counter sales, it worked as a shuaishouzhanggui, read the newspaper, drink tea every day, very relaxed.

don’t look at me now relaxed and leisurely. But when I just hired a clerk, but a little trouble. After a few years in the shop, I was alone in the store, and I was the owner, do not need special management. Every day I came to the store early, the reception of the customer warm and thoughtful, the store’s health is clean. After the store hired as a clerk, the supermarket boss, I want to make the necessary management of the store clerk, otherwise the operation will be more benefit is lacking spirit of cooperation, is impossible.

but how do you manage a shop assistant? I learn some management books, learn some knowledge management. I decided to implement the family management of my store clerk. Although the clerk is I hired to spend money, but also should not only take them simply as employees, only in this way, the clerk will not simply look for your boss, and see you as a brother or sister, don’t put others as a store clerk of the shop, but as their loved ones will be especially dedicated shops, good service every customer in when sellers.

of course, family management is not a simple slogan with no reality whatever shout it to the clerk, Everything will be fine., there would be no convincing. As the owner of a shop, we have to speak for themselves, the implementation of the decision, the staff can convince you, really willing to serve the store. A new store clerk home child’s illness, her husband working in the city, her mother to the supermarket to find her to send their children to the hospital.

at that time the store a lot of customers, a few clerks busy foot hit the back of the head. I heard about it, hurriedly let her with her mother home for children to wear clothes, and then I explain things at the shop, just start the car came to the door and drove her to the hospital and her mother-in-law and her children, and to advance the medical expenses. Watching the child lost in the liquid, I quietly left.

then, the clerk was very grateful to me, especially to sell cargo, many customers are directed to her good service to my store shopping. >

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