Fushun migrant workers return home pioneering mobile phone charging station in Sichuan

return home to do what is a lot of people want to resign home has been thinking about the problem, the lack of funds, resources and other barriers hinder the pace of entrepreneurship. But there are a lot of people through their own efforts, to break the barrier in to create a new world of their own.

"youth is precious, because it is gone for ever; youth is beautiful, because it has unlimited potential!" In late October of this year, in a factory in Sichuan Province, Zigong science and Technology Park in the morning, more than 10 workers are busy production, the 32 year old company official Wang Bo, pick up the phone, and I shared his own story and feelings.

Wang Bo new home village of Sichuan County of Fushun Peng Miao Town 4 groups of farmers, in 1999 graduated from junior high school to enlist. 2001, after the army has to Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan to work in the production line workers. With unremitting efforts, and later he worked as a sales manager in a washing machine company in Hunan, a monthly salary of up to 12000 yuan. This income is much higher than many ordinary workers. At this time, he felt a little satisfied, with a little sense of accomplishment.

2008 years, Wang Bo resolutely give up the high return to his hometown in Fushun, with passion to start the local portal site in the county. Unfortunately, because of the local people on the network marketing model is not fully recognized, he worked about 2 years, not only did not make money, but lost about 100000 yuan savings, the first venture failed. 2010, Wang Bo is still rooted in the county, operating traditional advertising for the unit, business and other printed business cards, signs, leaflets.

2013, smart Wang Bo began to enter the electricity supplier industry. At that time, the local electricity supplier is very few, he took the opportunity to sell goods across the country, earn a life pot". "There are some problems during this period." Wang Bo said, set up business in the sales of goods purchase, transportation cost price is higher, then he directly with the Chengdu express company cooperation reduces the cost, set up a distribution point in Guangdong and Shanghai, the nearest delivery, greatly reducing the time and cost of transportation and transit. At the same time, optimize the packaging process flow, saving labor costs, improve packaging quality.

"September 18, 2013 is my most happy day." Wang Bo is still excited. His business was so hot that he sent over 7000 pieces of goods across the country, and the more than and 10 workers had been busy until the next day at about two or three a.m., with the help of the three printers.

however, good times don’t last long. In the first half of 2014, the national electricity supplier raging like a storm of increasingly fierce competition in the market, the electricity supplier. Wang Bo into confusion, and began to think about a new venture.

2014 in the second half of the year, Wang Bo from the previous sales to make friends and friends working in the banking system, there is a chance to make him excited. Wang Bo round the clock access to information, the purchase of related equipment, and do the experiment, the final recommendation

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