Chinese citizens were killed in Laos 2 bomb attacks killed and injured 1

according to relevant sources, 24, there were 2 Chinese citizens killed in a bomb attack in Laos, and another one injured. At present, the Chinese embassy has gone to visit and release security tips, please pay attention to the safety of Chinese citizens in laos.

According to the

safety tips

24 in the morning, unidentified violence in the province of Laos in the race to launch violent attacks, resulting in 2 Chinese citizens were killed and 1 injured. I attach great importance to the museum, immediately launched the emergency mechanism, in conjunction with the old side to treat the wounded, properly handle the aftermath of the deceased. At the same time asked the old man to solve the case as soon as possible, and to take effective measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in the elderly property.

the old founder investigation. Chinese Embassy to remind citizens in the old Chinese to strengthen security, in case of an emergency, please contact the Chinese Embassy in laos.

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