How to do the clothing business can create a burst

do not know that we have not noticed a detail, that is, a lot of clothing brands have a flagship explosion, then these burst is how to come? Want to rely on the sale of clothing to make money, in the choice of products will certainly need it very carefully, only the real explosion models, will make the business more popular, more warm welcome, eventually earn more wealth, such a business background leads to a clothing shop owner wanted to get a clothing popular in the explosion the time of purchase, but the clothing wholesale market is so big, the fashion trend change so fast, get into the explosion situation is actually less and less. So, when the purchase of less than the explosion how to do? In fact, we have a trick, that is to create their own explosion.

how to operate the clothing business to create a burst? The clothing store into the explosion can be divided into four stages: the first stage, growth stage, maturity stage, defend.

1. preparation phase

in the preparatory period we need to do the most important thing is the choice of burst. Not every commodity can be your burst. So what products are eligible to become qualified?

first, you want to see the background data, look at those relatively high degree of concern, high sales, high collection rate of baby. Because these data reflect the true objective of your store customer feedback on your current goods. To know the enemy and know yourself, you don’t even know how I go to war.

second, can refer to the category classification portal channel ranking and Taobao home page, the font marked red category is category popular Taobao, you want to create the explosion of baby whether the public appetite? You know with the popular trend, will be able to get the most attention, to achieve twice the multiplier effect, tipping is not a dream.

2. growth period

in the growth period, we need to promote the rational distribution of blasting.

first we have to make a plan. For example, we decided to sell 500 items in a month. What should we do next? Let’s count, 30 days and 500, we need to sell 17 pieces a day. Therefore, with this goal, we have to do to allow customers into the store can be the first to see this piece of clothing, and strive to enter the store customers recommend this dress. Or to the old customer micro letters and calls, inform the shop in this explosion of clothing.

3. maturity

when you have accumulated a certain amount of sales, let you taste the sweetness, sales growth every day, then you will want to do? A lot of people the answer is to recommend more let it burst

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