How to start a business while working

your side now is not a lot of people on the road to success on the road, you are not every day thinking about whether to quit their jobs to start a business? However, you can make use of their own professional experience and their own resources to carry out entrepreneurial work outside the work time, the benefits are very low entrepreneurial risk, but should pay attention to deal with the relationship between their own work and entrepreneurship.

Wang Li is a clothing company’s procurement, engaged in a few years of procurement work has accumulated rich experience in the sale of clothing, clothing has a certain degree of sensitivity, and familiar with a variety of garment processing enterprises. Because now many garment enterprises is virtual business, many well-known clothing brand is responsible for product design, itself does not set up factories, and then find the design style of clothing clothing factory processing clothing, and then add the logo to the retail terminal.

based on this situation, Wang Li often in the work of some private work, the customer provides style, and then Wang Li is responsible for the procurement of fabrics and processing plants, the final delivery of clothing. A list down, a few thousand, tens of thousands, which makes Wang Li profitable.

in fact, under the current environment, there have been many workers embarked on such a work while the road of entrepreneurship, and, while doing business in this way cost less, the risk is small, support entrepreneurs in their work at the same time can also have their own cause. Maybe a lot of people may think that while working side business has served on the company suspected of disloyalty, in fact as long as between the company and its business to master a degree is feasible, the use of spare time to develop their own career and increase the income of no ground for blame.

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