90 months after the opening of the sushi shop earned

choose a decent job after graduation to work for others is the choice of many college students, and some college graduates have different choices, they choose to start from the bottom, step by step on the road to entrepreneurship.

1992 was born in the Soviet Union naval ship from Qingdao (real estate) graduated from Kasetsart University, unlike other graduates to work, Su Hai ship to work for themselves. In March this year, his sushi shop opened, a month and a half after the business gradually stabilized, with the taste is suitable for students and prices continue to pull back customers, can sell 60 boxes a day sushi, monthly turnover of over ten thousand yuan.

9 on Sept. 21 at 2 pm, in the green agricultural benefrise restaurant on the first floor, the reporter saw the Soviet naval ship, just too busy meal he is resting. His sushi shop in the back of a milk tea shop, the use of an area of only 7 square meters, and this is the space of a round of the Soviet Union ship dream. When we read the international economy and Trade Specialty in the school of economics and management of Green Agricultural University sophomore next semester, Su Hai ship found the opportunity to buy milk tea.

"at the time that can use up the tea shop selling things back, I want to sell the potato lattice at that time, but there does not allow fried things, then thought of sushi." Su Haijian introduction, when the school although there are two or three sushi shop, but the taste is not good, weekdays, most of the students to go to school to buy, the most recent also have half an hour, to open a taste of authentic sushi restaurant should be fire.

with the idea, Su Hai ship started, was the junior last semester, most students are out of practice. Su Hai ship arrived to a friend’s father to a Japanese restaurant. "At that time, every two to three hours, followed by the store chef learning package skill, the knife method, such as the proportion of Steamed Rice and material."

I was particularly concerned about the

"before the opening night, afraid that time no one." But on the first day of the opening of the Soviet Union ship ship business surprisingly hot. Before everyone in the network, WeChat, micro-blog made the opening of the information, the opening day of the plan to send leaflets, but made ten minutes to stop, because people who buy sushi are lined up outside the corridor."

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