Shi Yigong to herd entrepreneurs pour cold water

Effects of

on the management policy, Chinese appeared "herd" type of business model, in this scene, the National People’s Congress, vice president of Tsinghua University Shi Yigong said, need to "herd" entrepreneurs pour cold water.

"public business" does not mean "everyone business". Mycos released "China employment report" shows that college graduates six months after graduation entrepreneurship, 3 years after more than half of the people out of business. From the view, although people who want to start a few, but after all, entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, not every student can embark on the road of entrepreneurship and success.

"pioneering know more difficult, business knowledge, and students into the entrepreneurship difficult, even more difficult to succeed. Based on the entrepreneurship and innovation for students, must have a strong inner consciousness and psychological needs before the start, and strictly examine their personality, ability and the resources, but not others, blindly follow.

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