Zhenjiang 7 CPPCC members to discuss promoting innovation and development issues

13th Five-Year new construction plan has been opened, at present in our country to seek the opportunity for economic restructuring. Zhenjiang put innovation in the first place, will accelerate the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship in 2016, helping to build a new platform to promote innovation and development.

"with China’s economic development has entered a new norm, before that mainly rely on elements of resources into promoting economic growth and expansion of the extensive mode of development is not sustainable. Where is the way out? Must rely on scientific and technological innovation." Zhu Weixing members said that in this context, the local economy and the development of colleges and universities should pay more attention to innovation. Therefore, to give full play in college town, accelerate the construction of innovative city is a local government, enterprises and the fate of the community, this dissertation creatively crack can produce win-win results.

"the highly innovative atmosphere is not strong, high-end and emerging industries of scale, high-tech products such as high-end chain link needs to be further strengthened, the construction of innovation system, the high technology talent and research achievements, financial support and other aspects of the environment needs to be improved." Yao Zhenqiu members on how to "public entrepreneurship, innovation" era, and promote innovation and puts forward some suggestions for the management of Zhenjiang science and technology innovation incentive. He believes that entrepreneurship is an important way to promote economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood, Zhenjiang to accelerate the development of innovative, it will guide and strengthen the role of government on scientific and technological innovation, increase the technological innovation policy support, construction of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship service from the media platform.

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