What are the skills of restaurant management

many people are interested in the catering industry investment situation, throughout the entire food industry, the degree of development is indeed very hot, but there are also people after the shop business is desolate, so the food and beverage industry in the promotion is very important, which is the more common means of promotion belongs to vegetables.

1, selling price, well founded

2, the first price, even if the price is
orchestrated to elaborate, give customers a surprise, and highly confidential, so as to receive satisfactory effect. Price hasty, but also can not be hasty end of any special purpose.

3, selling price, win the trust of

4, selling price, pay attention to the magnitude of
dishes special offer forms can be draw. For example, Baxter like Italian restaurant table consumption over 288 to send a snack; a table of spending 288 only need to add 20 yuan can get 68 yuan Vegetable Pizza;   a new point you send a drink, these are good means of promotion. But there is no one shop, directly to the point of a dish to discount, are generally bundled transactions.

5, the use of consumer psychology, selling price of

6, security management, sales of large and medium-sized restaurants on

7, considering the competition, to prepare

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