Beichuan White Township migrant workers return home entrepreneurship support by the township governm

after the 2015 publicity, many migrant workers returned home after the Spring Festival, they want to stay in the home business development. A variety of entrepreneurial support policies to give them great confidence.

1 29, deep in the mountains of Bai Shi Township in Beichuan County in the chill, but the discussion of the township government in the meeting room is very warm, more than 30 migrant workers were invited representatives together to plan for the coming year. "I wanted to go back to business, but I couldn’t find the right project." Many migrant workers on behalf of such a sigh.

this idea of a few people. According to the investigation of the township, more than 800 migrant workers in the Bai Shi Xiang, more than 90% of migrant workers return home entrepreneurship willingness.

forum after 7 villagers expressed the desire of planting peony. Zhang Lin said, the government will do a good job planning and services to attract more outstanding migrant workers return home entrepreneurship."

returned entrepreneurs are most worried about the right project can not find, which requires the local government to vigorously carry out policies, training to guide the way to give fish, so that migrant workers can find development in the hometown of the road.

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