How to solve the enterprise wage arrears in Fujian there are new regulations

in life as a result of business development is not smooth or other reasons, resulting in some enterprises often owed wages, for this phenomenon now began! Fujian province will build the employer payment incentives and trustworthy dishonesty disciplinary system, because of arrears of wages by more than three times to investigate included serious dishonesty blacklist, if it is the last 3 years there are acts of serious dishonesty case the enterprises to pay wages, to China Commission for the IPO, will give disagree.

this is the reporter from the provincial Office of human resources and other departments jointly issued the "Fujian province employers behavior trustworthy incentives and promises of payment of wages punishment Interim Provisions" to the. It is understood that the people’s social sector at all levels will be in accordance with the scope of supervision and protection of labor and social security, according to the unit to collect the previous year, the employer paid the behavior of credit information, once a year to carry out credit rating. Employers pay behavior credit rating is divided into trustworthy, general dishonesty and serious dishonesty three.

employers due to arrears of wages have been investigated, but does not belong to the case of a serious credit rating, as the general behavior of the payment of wages dishonesty. The employer is one of the 5 kinds of circumstances, on payment of serious dishonesty for wages, these 5 cases were due to wage arrears behavior were investigated and dealt with more than three times (including three); due to wage arrears behavior lead to mass incidents, extreme events or serious adverse social impact; refusing to perform the labor security supervision and wage related instruction for rectification, administrative decision or administrative punishment decision; unreasonable resist or obstruct the human resources and social security and wages related to the implementation of administrative departments of labor security supervision; arrested for refusing to labor remuneration crime criminal responsibility payment.

credit will implement dynamic management, provincial and Municipal Department of human society in the summary by the units within the jurisdiction of the wage payment behavior of credit rating evaluation process, found the same employer in different areas or different evaluation results were evaluated as the general dishonesty of the employer is located around the check the number of accumulated more than three times (including three), re evaluation, timely adjustment of credit rating.

It is reported that

, for evaluation of payment behavior trustworthy employer and are not found in other areas of dishonesty for wages, the joint meeting of the member units of all levels can give trustworthy incentives in the administrative or public services, for example in the daily supervision, inspection exemption or reduction of inspection frequency to Chinese; securities Regulatory Commission for the IPO stock, give priority to recommend; guide financial institutions to give preferential or inclined credit financing when.

to be evaluated as wage payment generally dishonest employers, since 1 years after the evaluation, the joint meeting of the member units of all levels in the administrative or public service in accordance with the regulations for punishment, such as the daily supervision of the key recommendation

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