Blood pressure ten brands list

now the people’s living conditions generally improved, some because of irregular lifestyle, some because of the unhealthy diet, some of it is because the genetic factors and so on, no matter what, in short, now hypertension has almost become a very normal thing. Therefore, standing at home with a sphygmomanometer naturally become a very common thing. However, this market is now very broad, the industry’s brand is also very much, here, Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten major brands of blood pressure charts, which allows you to choose more easily.

home electronic sphygmomanometer, mainly for the family. Family health care has become a modern health care fashion. Measuring blood pressure in the past people have to go to the hospital for as long as now has a home electronic sphygmomanometer, sitting at home can change the blood pressure monitoring at any time, such as abnormal blood pressure can be found in time to the hospital for treatment, the prevention of cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure and other diseases for burst.

electronic sphygmomanometer has 3 forms, one is the arm, wrist is two, three is the finger type. These 3 forms of electronic blood pressure monitors, in which finger type electronic sphygmomanometer, even for healthy people, it has been proved that can not be used. Need special point, wrist electronic sphygmomanometer, not suitable for those with blood circulation disorder, such as diabetes, high blood lipids, hypertension and other diseases will accelerate the hardening of the arteries, causing peripheral circulatory disorders. These patients had a large difference between the wrist and the upper arm. It is recommended that these patients and the elderly should use arm electronic sphygmomanometer. The following and small series to look at the ten major brands of blood pressure charts.

sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO.1:OMRON (OMRON began in 1933 in Japan, the leading brands, domestic home health monitoring equipment world famous health medical equipment providers, large multinational corporations, OMRON healthcare (China) Limited)

blood pressure monitor ten brands list NO.2: Nine Ann Andon (leading home health care electronic products provider, the scale of the electronic sphygmomanometer production base, Tianjin, nine Ann medical electronic Limited by Share Ltd)

sphygmomanometer ten brands list NO.3:Panasonic (Matsushita in 1918 in Japan, the world famous consumer electronics brand, involving home appliances / digital audio-visual electronic products / Office / aviation and many other fields, the world famous comprehensive electronic technology group)

sphygmomanometer ten brand list: NO.4 yuwell (domestic large diving rehabilitation nursing / medical oxygen series of medical equipment companies, listed companies, oxygen / blood pressure meter high market share, Jiangsu Yuyue medical equipment Limited by Share Ltd)


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