Kunming, the third batch of college students entrepreneurship Demonstration Park

is now in order to promote and promote the activities of some college students entrepreneurship, all have created a suitable for college students entrepreneurship Park, in Yunnan, Kunming, this year decided to build 5 venture park.

It is reported that the

A, Kunming city youth entrepreneurship Demonstration Park (College) (the third batch) list

1. Kunming University of Science and Technology National University Science Park

2. Luquan County Youth (College) Venture Park

3. Xundian County Youth (College) Venture Park

4. Tangdian Industrial Park and Jiaozishan tourism scenic area youth (College) park

5. Yang Hai Scenic Area Youth College Students Pioneering Park

1. aosidi e-commerce business park

2. Yunnan Hanlin graphic entrepreneurship workshop

1. Yunnan University Science Park

2. of Yunnan Industry and Commerce College, Lambert College Business Park

3. Guandu District Youth (College) Venture Park

4. Dongchuan university students and college graduate Village Park

Young />5.

Young />6.

in some universities the way some of the park is also in order to further promote college students’ entrepreneurial activities, some entrepreneurial opportunities will also give students some local entrepreneurs to provide better.


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