How to open a gallery

in the current people no longer for basic food and clothing and constantly struggle era, all kinds of art began to usher in the development of time. For this reason, the gallery will usher in greater development, opened a gallery has become a lot of investors who choose.

Hongkong and Taiwan galleries, passed a sentence: "to die, called the open gallery." It is open gallery must be careful, do not lose good, or is unable to get bogged down in the quagmire.

also know a few open gallery with friends, they talk about the open gallery is profitable, most of them from the hesitation, the true answer is not ideal in money. Most of them think that the actual hand is not much money, it is stored up a number of paintings, but if these old paintings sold, such as the dead.

analysis by theorists, there are several galleries, but those who are already very mature art market. Guangdong is nothing more than a consignment of the artist’s work and what to sell these two galleries. What frame, antique calligraphy and painting ceramic painting, painting, print what are licensed to sell, mixed stock, earn a lot of money on groceries type Gallery sold much suitable conditions, rather than for the situation, art and management practices is not easy to offend the Ministry of Culture issued in 1994 ".

sells a painter’s work, even if it opens up for the artist in the gallery, the cost is not big, and the daily expenses is not much difference. Sell not sell, he also worry taking painter. The hardest thing is to run a painter. According to the experience, to the artist as a "brand" to play out, hand must have a stack of the artist works, so as to avoid the day after the famous painter, the other gallery opened at "dig corner". Store a number of paintings, open the exhibition, promotion, and have a large number of cash gallery.

besides a gallery can not only choose a painter, if operating three or more, the capital must have enough. Far not to say, on Guangdong’s famous, a painter in the above way to buy a group of paintings, no three, five hundred thousand yuan even do not want to think. There is a painting of a tiger painting experts three years to the painter of 1 million 20 thousand yuan, according to the artist’s standards, the use of the three artists?

Of course, there are other methods such as

, to the artist to speak, a poor, low income of a small number of his paintings. Give the artist a good sale and get a lot of paintings. But it is doubtful whether such a way of getting the best work of the artist is possible, or whether it is good to put it in the gallery.

gallery is the most need to repeat customers, if the gallery to get the trust of the guests, repeatedly come to buy painting shows the gallery often have a new product, but also a credit. There are such a group of guests, the gallery will stand. But such guests are very picky, if not often let them pick under the new picture >

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