Aunt Zhang Xiurong started planting black fungus fire!

more than and 60 year old aunt, which in general eyes represents what, perhaps a lot of people think it should be dignified, even if not defeat, not old, at most, just outside the home run. However, the protagonist – Zhang Xiurong Boyle, although already 62 years old, but by the cultivation of black fungus entrepreneurs to achieve success.

62 year old aunt Zhang Xiurong recently fire.

rely on black fungus cultivation, through self employment, she took only two years from the completion of his annual income to tens of thousands of "metamorphosis". During this period, she is to upgrade the cultivation technology, the formation of poor households cooperatives, registered online shop to achieve online sales, but also led the villagers together to get rid of poverty.

Zhang aunt is a case of poverty alleviation in Inner Mongolia, Zhalantun electricity supplier, a microcosm. In the face of local products of good quality but poor sales, known to the outside world the low rate of "rich poverty" the problem of local government with the development of agricultural products business opportunity, not only to help poor households out of poverty and promote the industrial development, with a cable gradually changing the local poverty.

background in poverty, as the impoverished counties of Zhalantun, this time determined to flee".

rich poor

on the area, Hulun Buir is the two provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu, and Hulun Buir, the county belongs to the city of Zhalantun is more than Beijing. In Zhalantun this piece of land, on the ecological integrity of the system, has a good natural resources, national geographical indications to protect the certification of agricultural products there are 7, such as black fungus, rice, etc.. However, there are still 16 thousand people living in poverty, there is a good quality of local products but poor sales, low awareness of the outside world, the rich poor problem is more prominent.

Zhalantun municipal Poverty Alleviation Office Deputy Director Li Hailong told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, the local causes of poverty in the top three are due to lack of funds, and the production of tolls. For the "rich poverty", he explained that the city of Zhalantun has green mountains and rivers of high-quality agricultural products, there are a lot of resources, but because of traffic inconvenience, lack of information, not to the national market, but do not sell a good price, naturally can not help the poor villagers to get rich. So rich, but still poor.

, however, the momentum of development of e-commerce has changed this situation.

2015, the electricity supplier poverty alleviation by the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office identified as one of the ten major projects. Relying on the city of Zhalantun was identified as the Ministry of Commerce, e-commerce pilot counties, the national supply and marketing cooperatives identified as a favorable opportunity for e-commerce demonstration counties, Li Hailong said the government to consider,

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