Do you want to start these resources

for entrepreneurs, resources are very important, there is no good entrepreneurial resources, it is difficult to get better development. So entrepreneurs in order to successfully achieve the entrepreneurial dream, what resources need to have it? In general, entrepreneurs need to have the following three aspects of resources.

1, customer resources

Betty is a travel company sales, because the gift of the gab, plus oneself very hard, business is doing well. Betty gradually sprouted the idea of going it alone. So, she began to work in a conscious accumulation of customer resources, for their future entrepreneurial network and resources.

2, product resources

Amanda has had two years of work experience in a cosmetics company, and her salary has been reduced by the arrival of a new boss. So, she is ready to open a Taobao shop online. Start with the company’s existing products, but the situation is not optimistic. Not long ago, Amanda a cashmere sweater business friends, learned that her shop, take the initiative to find their cooperation, the purchase price makes Amanda very satisfied, but her sweater shop is also popular.

3, time resource

Nancy in Guangzhou, a state-owned enterprise has been a clerk for 3 years, not too busy clerical work so that she has enough time to do their own flower shop. Nancy also had a chance to get promoted, but once promoted, she was faced with the heavy pressure of work and no time to take care of the florist. Finally, she gave up the opportunity to do a good job. Nancy think of the use of some of the customer information in the work unit, to provide customers with flowers services. Try to find good results.

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