The business of the startups

entrepreneurship is not only a process, which is also a great knowledge, entrepreneurs want to succeed, not only to experience many setbacks, but also master a lot of business skills. Here we take a look at the successful startups business what.

1, a technical school, Dangdang


2, do not rely on advertising to become rich, careful selection of investment projects

3, closely follow the market, Shiyibuque

4, backed by the tree good shade

entrepreneurs choose the attachment of large enterprises, take the "parasitic" development road, is also a good way to avoid risks. Zhang Wei is a college music department piano teacher, a classmate to sell the piano he complained that his piano store business is good, is the piano tuning and maintenance of customer service service can not keep up, there are views of customer. Zhang Wei a listen to this, in the mind suddenly a bright, this is not a very good investment opportunities? He is a piano teacher, have this expertise, only one shop a set of tools on the line, opened this shop and the investment is small, the one and only. Attached to the piano shop opened a shop like this, do not worry there is no market now, Zhang Wei’s service business is very good.

see the above introduction, I believe you must have a new understanding of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a process of learning, entrepreneurs need to keep learning, keep up with market trends, it is necessary to choose a good project can avoid the risk of venture business, hope to create.

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