Yangzonghai to create a delicate gas is the general business environment and improve rules and regul

Party led the people to do business performance, in President Xi Jinping’s tie, Chinese in recent years the anti-corruption work is in place, business volume is more and more officials. In order to continue this righteousness, Yangzonghai efforts to create a delicate gas is the general business environment.

revealed on 2015 Kyoritsu Yangzonghai scenic spot case 6, 4 people were transferred to judicial organs, 33 cadres in violation of the relevant provisions, accountability is not in place to perform their duties.

will, for this year in Yangzong town Party committee and the 38 Village (community) the actual situation changed successively, Yangzonghai Party committee secretary Yuan Peiwen stressed that must be serious political discipline and organizational discipline, strengthen the supervision and investigation, to ensure that general integrity.



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