Small business 50 thousand, the year to earn a fortune of 800 thousand secret!

competition and pressure exist everywhere nowadays, often have a lot of young people chose to do poineering work, so how to start? Now young people love their own business to make money, then, young entrepreneurs how to succeed? Look at his entrepreneurial story, you may be able to learn from the essence of entrepreneurship Oh, take a look at.

entrepreneurial story: breaking the monopoly of imported equipment

"was in fact a simply engaged in typing and copying the store, not a lot of traffic. In 1997, when I look back, I found that in addition to the accumulation of some customers, basically no profit on the book." It is because of this, Han Zhiyu began to pay attention to the changes in the printing market in Shenyang. Hard work pays off, in 1998, a storm of Shenyang name card market, let Han Zhiyu find a good opportunity to display skills to the full.

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