Hangzhou car rental market discovered there are potential risks

market demand for cars is growing, but it is difficult to license the car, many owners also want to break the head. As the vehicle licensing restrictions in 2016 in Hangzhou City, a total of 6 million 500 thousand people participated in the vehicle license plate Yaohao, 680 thousand times of success, the success rate was 1.04%. The contradiction between the supply and demand of the license and the purchase of the car gave birth to the license rental market, there is a hidden risk of liability for the gray zone. License leasing business, is the holder of the license plate will be leased to others. Generally responsible for the signing of the agency, transfer, processing and other services.

in Hangzhou, the reporter found in a number of 4S stores, used car trading market and city forums and other network platform, many businesses can provide rental license service. Reporters found that the license lease is divided into two categories: one is a simple license leasing, idle license plate to get gains on the second-hand car platform. Hangzhou Aike old vehicle brokerage company staff Shao Baocheng introduced, simple license leasing has been as high as 800 yuan -1000 yuan per month, for at least one year or more, due to the increasing demand, the price is still rising.

another category is in the car distribution store to attract consumers to buy low priced car license. Hangzhou Shen Teng Automobile Co., Ltd. Zhang Hong told reporters that they rent the license to the car rental customers, the price is only 300 yuan per month -400 yuan. "Some people in Hangzhou not shake, consider rent license, a lot of the same network about cars need to rent Hangzhou license to avoid the traffic restrictions on foreign license." Zhang Hong said.

as a result of the lessee’s need to transfer their vehicles to all the names of the license, the license lease is a risk for both parties to the lease. Reporters interviewed in the second-hand car market in Hangzhou came to the rental license of the people of Hangzhou Zhang Yan, he put the car in the name of someone else is still a little worried. If the owner of the license for economic problems, such as bankruptcy, foot, debt, then his name of the car may be auctioned by the court."

at the legal level, the validity of the license leasing contract remains controversial. Zhejiang Tianfu lawyer Feng Yuanyuan said: "the Hangzhou car license plate lease transaction is in fact in breach of the relevant provisions of the" Interim Provisions "of Hangzhou City, regulating the number of passenger cars, in accordance with the provisions of the contract law of our country fifty-second, in violation of the laws and administrative regulations of the mandatory provisions to determine the contract is invalid. License leasing contract is a regulatory requirement, the validity of the dispute still exists."

is the so-called: "there is a market demand in Hangzhou discovered the car license rental market, the market has a great demand for car license, but when the implementation of the sale, we also need to strengthen safety awareness, protect their legitimate property! License leasing may also face legal risks. If the tenant escape or no money to pay the accident, the accident is still to find the owner responsibility." Recommended

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