Female college students back to the countryside to do business to create a brand tofu

now college students entrepreneurship has become very common, some of them have activity success, the girl will say next is very wonderful, let’s look at the success of her experience.

in Bo Rui junior year, she saw such a "poison bean" news on the Internet inadvertently: because edible contain banned additive "diaobaikuai" "poison bean", a teenage boy suffering from uremia, bring endless pain to the child’s family and himself. Read this news, bu Rui sprouted an idea – to produce a truly safe and healthy food, to prevent similar incidents from happening again "diaobaikuai".   welcome to collect China venture capital

in March, despite strong opposition, Rui parents and relatives, walk on the road of entrepreneurship, the project is "tofu". The initial stage of the difficult, for the female college students have not yet graduated is a great challenge, all things are not to be pro. A boy carrying more than and 100 pounds of bean curd, have some difficulty, bu Rui every day to carry dozens of plate. Get up at 3 every morning, and then go to the morning after Chutan, sales and research, to run the market, looking for the site. The first day, every day in the morning with the moon, the moon with the moon.

the establishment of the company registered the brand

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