Generous to do retail business

how to do business, this is every retail customers are thinking and also continue to work hard. In fact, want to achieve such a goal, but also has a certain skill to master. In this paper, Xiao Bian to provide advice to each operator is that things must be generous!

first contact, let the reporters feel that retail customers Zhang Hong enthusiasm and generous, we just walked into the shop, Zhang boss was busy with drinks, cigarettes, busy awfully. Customer manager Liu Liang told reporters: "Zhang boss humanness is very generous, but around the proverbial." While we were talking, an old man came along with a boy of 5 or 6. Zhang Hong quickly went up, and readily took a bottle from the shelf nutritionexpress handed the little boy said: "Jingjing, these days go? Why don’t you come to my place?" He unscrewed the cap nutritionexpress handed over.

old man hurriedly said: Jingjing, thank you uncle!" He said: "Zhang ah, you see, you will give this to a child like that, we feel sorry?!" Zhang Hong took the lips: "better is a neighbor, my business is not relying on your neighbor to take care of these old ah, not to mention the child is so cute!" Two people polite, then the old man to bring the child in a supermarket to pick up a bag of food to say a few words and went away.

Zhang Hong told reporters: open shop to engage in business, and customers are feeling. To customers to buy goods when I think of you, your humanness must consider from the macro and long-term, make people feel comfortable, and can not pick sesame lost watermelon. Want to do business. In dealing with the customer, to be generous, but can not and not extreme pettiness of character, customer care."

said, he pointed to the counter of the cigarette unpacking said to me: "I always have two packs of cigarettes on the counter, see a male customer to buy things I can pass a timely, so that not only contact the feelings, but also can contribute to the business transaction, not to say that the smoke is" medium this letter. "!" A philosophical and witty speech made us laugh.

Zhang Hong also told reporters that doing things generous, not only in a cigarette, a bottle of drinks, from a variety of ways to allow customers to benefit. In the customer shopping, as far as possible to help them, for a few cents after the settlement of zero, I generally do not. At the same time, in the face of "prick" customers don’t angry, but humbly accept.

because they sometimes may be well intentioned, but not out of malice to deliberately find your "ballast" son, also not with them that you tit for tat, although be quick argument, it lost the business. In addition, to make customers feel in your shopping is more affordable, more comfortable. To know a credit

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