n 2015 more than 300 billion yuan of tax management activities

management activities have been carried out for more than a year, to encourage public participation in innovation and entrepreneurship, China has issued many preferential policies and tax relief for entrepreneurs. According to statistics, last year, China’s tax exemption and reduction of more than 300 billion yuan.

data show that in 2015, the implementation of Small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households threshold policy, corporate income tax halved small profit tax policy of nearly 100 billion yuan, the implementation of high-tech related preferential tax relief tax about 140000000000 yuan, the implementation of the promotion of college graduates, unemployed, disabled, dependents, demobilized cadres, retired soldiers preferential policies such as employment tax relief tax about 18000000000 yuan.

from the tax reform, since the implementation of the coal resource tax, ad valorem reform in 2015, the national coal resource tax levied 33 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 18 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 125%, reduce the coal related charges fund 36 billion 600 million yuan, total 18 billion 100 million yuan burden. May 1, 2015 onwards, the state lowered the proportion of iron ore resource tax levy will be reduced by 80% of the provisions of the provisions of the tax levied to adjust the amount of tax levied by the provisions of the reduction of, 5-12 months, a total tax cut of $2 billion 100 million.

from 300 billion data found that in China to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship support such awesome lofty ideals and high aspirations, so that the majority of Small and micro businesses, entrepreneurs to usher in a golden opportunity for development.

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