Data two sessions take you to understand the new entrepreneurial momentum

wants to know how the fire now venture, entrepreneurial new energy is, the most obvious way is to look at the data, the following is to bring the data NPC and CPPCC, let us look at the double shock change!

  in the morning of March 5th, Premier Li Keqiang made the government work report at the four session of the Twelfth National People’s congress. In 2016 the overall deployment work, Li Keqiang referred to continue to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation potential of the full release of the whole society. The large data platform monitoring shows that NPC and CPPCC during the term entrepreneurship and reform, environmental protection, pension together become the Internet search hot words, topic search volume more than 100 million times.

How the fire


Jingchu network of large data monitoring platform through directional monitoring, summarized a year to users of "entrepreneurship" topic core keywords. "Off the record": the search engine 56 million, news reached 1 million; "Internet plus": from the search volume and popularity rankings, 2015 words of "Internet plus".

the "Wall Street journal" inventory Chinese 2015 five hot words, ranked first in the same "Internet plus"; "crowdfunding": as of the end of 2015, the domestic product of all the chips accumulated amounted to 3 billion yuan, to raise public equity in the size of 5 billion yuan to 5 billion 500 million yuan; "incubator": 2015 new home all kinds of business incubator more than 4 thousand, but before 2015, the number of incubators in 28 years a total of less than 1600; the public record space ": at present all kinds of public record space has more than 2300. More than 10 enterprises in incubation.

According to the recommended

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