Chenghua District Chengdu procuratorate provides legal services for college entrepreneurs

start-up companies need to have a certain understanding of the relevant legal knowledge, and college students just out of the campus, the field is still a lack of knowledge. Chengdu Sichuan city procuratorate for college students to provide customized legal services to help entrepreneurs.

it is understood that Chenghua District has three universities, Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu University, University of Electronic Science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship has become a large number of College Students’ social practice preferred. But the actual business, once the legal issues, many students will be at a loss. To this end, the hospital in carrying out legal advisory services, collected 5 Legal Problems of college students are most concerned about in the business through the full investigation, printed promotional materials issued at the venue, and sent to the backbone of the business, may involve the creation and innovation of college students in the company law, intellectual property law, trademark law and other legal issues related to the case of interpretation.

the school also in Colleges and universities jointly established service business research group of science and technology, through the typical case of the collection, analysis, find the entrepreneurial process of College Students’ innovation in crime prone, multiple key areas, targeted to establish prevention mechanism, through legal experts invited lectures and interviews regularly to improve students’ legal consciousness.

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