Do business to be able to propriety service

although a lot of truth is that everyone knows, however, is not suitable for any occasion to reason. On the contrary, the gift can be used more widely. "Analects of Confucius" said: "do not learn ceremony, no legislation". A polite, sometimes a smile can avoid an unpleasant quarrel; a rude remark may set off a wave of a great disturbance. Anhui Changfeng County Ruifeng tobacco supermarket boss said, in the past few years, his store never happened together the unpleasant things, many years of operation, he also summed up some clothes to "ritual" tips.

in consultation with the elderly, we must have patience, especially for ears, eyes are not sensitive to the elderly must be more communication, ask the situation, and try to meet their wishes.

, come to the theory of customer complaints, the first to use a smile to the customers a good impression, and according to the specific situation to deal with, especially in the customer more anger in a smile, as the saying goes "reached for not laughing, and unreasonable people will be moved by your service attitude.

if it is because this store causes the customer shopping is not satisfied, the apology should be put to the first, and customers communicate properly, try to meet the reasonable demands of customers, improve customer satisfaction, to win more repeat".

if you do business with customers are not good relations, but also to talk about the store has more repeat customers? If there is a certain contradiction with the customer, I believe that "ceremony" will be able to solve the problem. So, if you are a businessman, also need to pay more attention to "ceremony"!

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