Baekje China project will be located in Guangzhou

famous pharmaceutical companies listed in the United States will soon be settled in Guangzhou, to bring people a better development, to win people’s attention. Baekje China (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. (Baekje China Development Co., Hongkong) and Guangzhou Development Zone and its subordinate enterprises Guangzhou Caold Technology (Kaide Technology) signed a definitive agreement, the establishment of Baekje China Biological Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., and the establishment of production base of the international advanced level, with commercial scale biological medicine in Guangzhou.

it is understood that the Baekje China project covers an area of 100 thousand square meters, is expected to total direct investment will reach 2 billion 200 million yuan, and will start in the year of construction. Baekje China government affairs official told reporters that the Baekje China production base in Guangzhou Development Zone investment will focus on the molecular biological medicine monoclonal antibodies for anticancer drug production.

Baekje china co founder and director and chairman of the scientific advisory board of Dr. Wang Xiaodong said that the production capacity of macromolecular biological medicine is an important part of the comprehensive development and production of Baekje china. "The joint venture will be able to keep up with the China Baekje China and global markets on the development and application of biological medicine growing demand."

according to public information, Baekje China is a global research-based biotech company, the company was founded in 2011, and landed on the U.S. NASDAQ in February 2016, is the first U.S. listed Chinese innovative bio pharmaceutical enterprises.


Baekje China has focused on the establishment, development and promotion of tumor targeting and immune therapy, is one of the few truly innovative drugs for independent research and development company. At present, there are a number of Baekje China entered into the clinical research of antitumor products. Among them, for the treatment of cancer of the second generation BRAF inhibitor BGB-283 and PARP inhibitor BGB-290 for multinational pharmaceutical giant Merck’s favor, the two sides signed in 2013 reached two overseas development and sales cooperation agreement.

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Baekje China project, will promote the development of Guangzhou pharmaceutical industry, worth about. "The Baekje China is a good thing, Guangzhou bio pharmaceutical industry and a member of the innovation will increase." General manager Dr. Baiao Tai Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Li Shengfeng excitedly told reporters.

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