Super network traffic attack industry chain DDOS attack clear division of labor

is a continuous development of the Internet technology, emerging new technologies and work, life, the integration of the emerging network of emerging industries, such as online games, online credit, etc.. New things can always cause a lot of attention, of course, which also includes malicious attention – some hackers targeting the emerging network of loopholes in the industry, the use of technology in the hands of crime. This crime not only cause significant economic losses to the Internet companies, but also endanger network security to a certain extent, the relevant departments of urgent attention, heavy blow. Legal Daily case today continue to focus on the issue of cyber crime, the choice of this new type of cyber attack crime.

players in prime time can not log online game platform, behind this exception is actually a hacker to use large traffic attack means to combat peer competitors. Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Xuhui branch cracked LZ online gaming platform was DDOS attack, and arrested a number of 4 suspects involved in the murder, destroyed a slaughter led by a network of criminal gangs.

data show that the DDOS attack is a form of large flow of attack, also called distributed denial of service attack (Distributed Denial of Service), the principle is to request services resources used to use a lot of meaningless goal web services, so that normal users can not get service response, in order to achieve the purpose of network paralysis. "Hackers" in the eyes, if a DDOS attack is "nuclear weapons", "black" (bandwidth by a "hacker" control – reporters note) and "the chicken" (a computer controlled by Trojan software – reporters note) is to create a raw material to nuclear weapons ".

today, the Xuhui police to the Legal Daily reporters detailing the insider of such cyber attacks.

online server was attacked

in January this year, many users to reflect the company’s LZ, and its variety of online games are not able to log on to the server. Company technical staff found that the online game server traffic is always full, but almost no effective access, the company immediately realized that the server suffered a hacker DDOS attack. Subsequently, LZ company focused on technical personnel to tackle, spent a few days still can not deal with this attack. LZ statistics found that the attack resulted in a large loss of 13 million 500 thousand registered users, resulting in the loss of nearly ten million yuan. The company immediately alarm.

after receiving the alarm, Xuhui branch set up a task force to carry out investigation work. After the analysis of the attack traffic, police received the attack real IP address – from Beijing, Henan, Guangdong, Fujian and other places a large mainframe computer, and took a good Trojan sample in one of the hosts. Using the Trojan sample, the task force analysis of the release of the Trojan horse attack command control – a virtual host in South Korea (VPS). Task force immediately on the virtual host operator to investigate, quickly identified the first suspect

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