National network information office to strengthen the governance of cyberspace governance in May to

this year, the state Internet Information Office in cyberspace governance and give full play to the reporting mechanism, strengthen the network reporting platform construction, efforts to promote the national 100 key website to carry out the work reported receiving, speeding up the construction of the reporting system of national network, increasing the power of public supervision, the enthusiasm of Internet users online reporting of all sorts of harmful information increasing report the amount of the monthly increase.

according to statistics, in May 2015, the state Internet information office is Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center, around the network information office departments and report the main website received a total of 1 million 748 thousand users report, audited, effective report 1 million 419 thousand, the first time exceeded one million. Mobile Internet has become the main channel for the dissemination of harmful information.

May, the country has disposed of 1 million 228 thousand effective reporting of Internet users, the disposal rate of up to 86.6% through various channels to feedback the results of the disposal of Internet users, the recovery rate of up to 85.9%. Among them, Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center received effective disposal report 32241 Internet users; around the network information office report department accepting the users effective report 5561, 4148 disposal, disposal rate of 75.2%; the central key news websites and Internet users received effective report 990, 976 disposal, disposal rate of 98.6%.

May, the main business site to receive an effective report 1 million 379 thousand, disposal of 1 million 190 thousand, disposal rate of 86.3%. Among them, the Tencent accepts the report 1 million 15 thousand (WeChat 403 thousand, QQ 588 thousand, micro-blog 12 thousand, site 12 thousand); Sina accepted public report 361 thousand and 100 (Sina micro-blog 342 thousand and 500); Baidu accept the public to report 3872; Tianya to receive public reports 189; Sohu accept the public to report 136. According to reports from the public, Tencent to use WeChat QQ, fraud, prostitution and other illegal activities account centralized clearing; Sina shut down a number of pornographic harmful information, political harmful information on the micro-blog account in a timely manner.

comprehensive analysis of the national report, the mobile Internet has become the main channel for dissemination of pornographic information. Such as micro-blog, WeChat, QQ and some illegal account, actor, model, the "big network" status, release of prostitution trick prostitute information; some unscrupulous Internet users with instant messaging, online payment tools for illegal transactions on there pornographic video SkyDrive account; some unscrupulous Internet users through the mobile phone application program "after reading a function of dissemination of pornographic pictures, will automatically disappear after users click on the obstacles, verification reports, disposal.

in addition, users of the "human flesh search", network abuse, personal attacks and other network infringement of the amount is also more prominent. Internet users report, in a number of social public events, it was the use of the Internet to publish photos of others, occupation, address, open room information, illegal driving records and other personal information, inciting human flesh search, >

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