Fire currency Du Du 10 years of investment Road, from $1000 to $80 million

10 investment Road, from $1000 to 80 million

from 2006 to 2015, 1000 yuan from the first investment, now the domain name assets conservative value of over 80 million yuan, a brief review of his spare domain name investment experience, is to give an account of this nearly 10 years.

in 2003, to establish a forum to a web site (domain name) for everyone to visit the site, when the results are found to be registered to all registered 02 years. Immediately after the search was found in the sale of asking price 10 thousand yuan, but only a year before the registration of $180. I know the domain name can be invested, and can make money.

2006, at the end of a part of the domestic domain name registrar launched 30 yuan and $5 registered.Cn, I registered a total of more than and 10.

in March 7, 2007, the registration of 1 yuan to launch the registered.Cn domain name, immediately remittance of $1000 to become a registered member of the gold medal. Registration of more than and 200.Cn. In the next 1 months, after spending $1000, a total of 1000.Cn harvest. This year, sold more than and 20.Cn, the average price of 1500 yuan. The 90% is the domain name investor transactions between the double majority.

2008, I used to sell the domain name of the money to continue to register a number of.Cn, a total of more than 2 thousand domain names. Thanks to a member of the domain name Forum provides a foreign cosmetics / audio and other brand library, this form I swept the more than and 100 brands of.Cn domain name. 2008 was sold more than and 30.Cn, the average price of 4000 yuan. 80% are the domain name investor transactions, what kind of have, actually sold a, explained as the first time, now think only can ha ha". Of course, there are large customers, such as China Telecom group looking for me to buy, is still operating.

in 2009, I started to pay attention to.Com, bought a lot of hybrid rice and a small amount of larry. That year sold more than and 50.Cn, the average price of 5000 yuan. 80% are foreign customers to buy. I will offer 8000 yuan, this circle of people to understand.

2010, I continue to buy.Com, Shuangpin. .cn sold less than 10, the average price of 5000. .com sold more than and 10, the average price of 10 thousand yuan.

in 2011, I began to acquire a large number of.Com, 3, 4 semi detached, digital digital assistant. .cn sold about 5, the average price of 20 thousand yuan, the quality is better than before to sell, because from more than 2 thousand.Cn meters, can keep a renewal, after the screening quality is quite good. .com sold 50 or so, the average price of 30 thousand yuan. Customers include China Mobile, Sina, Baidu, Renren, etc..

in 2012, I continued to invest heavily in.Com, >

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