Web2.0, love spell will fight off

      Pinker (Pinker) is a native of Chinglish (Chinese English), Pinke is a word spelling alphabet, in order to make it look more like a English word, then add R is now Pinker (Pinker).

      in a word abroad and "fight off" of the corresponding should be " Algebraic Average" (literally "average", an abbreviation for "AA") or "Go Dutch" (literally "Dutch"), the "Go Dutch" may be better able to explain the problem of image: in sixteenth Century Holland, capitalism first in here, here is the most appropriate capitalist businessmen, because liquidity is very strong, a person please others off, please be people maybe in this life will not touch, for you do not suffer, each other is the best choice of allocation. Thus, when the equal pay day after, they said humorously, "Go Dutch".

      "AA fight off" are, new way of life advocates is a kind of "saving, fashion, happiness, and win-win". At present there is high (flat-share, Pinker) fight meal (fight meal), fight, play jigsaw, spell, spell (ride), carpool travel (fight or self-help), fight to purchase (group purchase) etc.. AA construction is a kind of fashion, a trend, an idea, a life attitude, a way of life. In short, it is the combination of more people, the greater power, the less money, less energy, the more things we want to do, the more happiness we get, the better life we enjoy.

      Web2.0 like domestic platform, currently has a comprehensive construction and professional fight off:

      1, comprehensive fight off: China fight off network, network, network construction, urban construction to fight off the net.

      2, professional construction of network: such as Shanghai, carpool carpool, carpooling network.

      in addition, as ganji.com also released a spell car column. Pinker is a new Internet application AA system, is a kind of real-time information classification. It has greatly expanded the AA category, from AA to AA users acquaintance expansion and extension. It contains "Baotuan" elements, and "share" meaning. Give the core value of the Internet, is to bring convenience and benefits.

      as a fashion guest, in the Web2.0 family also revealed some face. However, like the pet phrase, "victories" after as fashion language >

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