Day metal manufacturers in China won the two domain name

    May 17th news: it is reported that recently, Amada Corporation to the Asian Center for arbitration submitted an application with the disputed domain name and Amada.Com ownership.


Amada Corporation was established in 1946, located in Japan, is the world’s highest market share in the world of professional manufacturer of sheet metal equipment, metal processing industry enjoyed a high reputation, and holds a registered "AMADA" trademark, in China entered the market at the beginning, once for many years using Chinese characters "Amada" as the enterprise Chinese trade names and trademarks, "Amada" is "literal pronunciation AMADA".

Tian Tian Co., Ltd., said the complainant actually engaged in the scope of business and the complainant actually engaged in the business scope of the same, belong to the same industry competitors. The disputed domain name and trademark confusion are similar, and after its trademark registration lists a number of time, evidence that the respondent use behaviors on the cybersquatting and after obviously malicious.

finally, the arbitration panel investigation and evidence collection, the Group believes that the defendant has the nature of malicious registration and use of the domain name, the decision to transfer the domain name to the complainant Tian Tian Co., ltd..

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