Crazy volunteers thank you in China

black T-shirt, blue jeans stone, solid bulk shoes, a sweat smell of 26 year old Zhang Renjie got down on one knee, holding hands with a "Thanksgiving China" label the camera, press the shutter. The 7 year old girl from Qinghai Nangqian Cairendaiji red lens with a smile, "I will remember this day, remember Uncle Zhang, remember the Beijing Tiananmen!"

small Daikichi congenitally blind has a mass of white eye neoplasm, it looks scary. Zhang Renjie the first time in Qinghai to see her heart thumped, "to help her!" like this, "Thanksgiving Chinese" web site, the photos and Daikichi sent to the Internet, suddenly attracted numerous donors. In August 30th, small and spreading from Qinghai to father Daikichi Beijing Tongren Eye Hospital experts said, to change the eye. This is the best result.

"will Daikichi than before!" Zhang Renjie laughed, his left cheek smiling dimples. They went to Tiananmen, the Imperial Palace, Zhang Renjie kept down, knees against the granite floor, curb cement table, "kakaka" press the shutter for small daikichi. "Today, Uncle Zhang is your full-time photographer, you want to shoot on ye ye!"

kneeling, in order to shoot good

Zhang Renjie founder of the Thanksgiving China has been an influential private aid website. Over the past 5 years, more than 20 thousand people have been helped. He has many Titles: martial arts instructor, English teacher, photographer, now users are the loudest is gai".


from Anhui to Lu’an "80", 5 years single-handed, all day in the remote mountainous areas, impoverished county, on the day with his brave the wind and dew; digital cameras with pictures everywhere, he believes that "most in need of help" people of the night, with pictures and characters of the sun to the Internet, to attract good people "on the one helping.

how did it start? "In the winter of 2004, I was a coach at a fitness center in Beijing, earning more than $2000 a month. Later, I bought a camera, every day through the Wudaokou overpass, lying there are a lot of old people I often take them, give them the money, give them clothes."

he was taking pictures when love one knee on the ground, no matter how dirty, "this is the respect for them." A few years later, "the frayed pants did not count."

when to take "beggar" Wang Xueping when he stayed with his camera, covering his face, cover the eye ache. The child limb like fins valgus, adopt her old man all day with her begging, raised 200 thousand yuan to do surgery. Zhang Renjie turned to a 20 thousand yuan deposit out to her, and looked for the media, to find a philanthropist.

Zhang Renjie’s leader got angry and asked him to either do it or leave. He nodded without thinking, "OK, I quit!"

he tried to convince himself: to help people have to help in the end! You are still young, can not find a job, the money has not yet

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