Radio and television network rectification details four instructions completed a week

streaming media streaming media network news was informed that: July 11th and 15, press and publication administration were met with the central three Taiwan (country wide, CCTV, CNR) as well as Guangdong, Zhejiang, leading Hunan, Shanghai Bureau of the four local stations and on the current management of Internet TV and problems and rectify the direction and timing of the the camp are put forward clear requirements. According to insiders, the Internet TV license providers interviewed atmosphere is stronger than ever. Perhaps the most stringent policy regulation of Internet TV will be launched.

according to reports, for the current Internet TV market, Fuzhao minister and Minister Cai Tian into special instructions, to manage Internet TV first 7 licenses, currently seven licenses which have varying degrees of violations, subsequent which is not required by the administration to do to recover the license, do not deal with a good head on, if seven are illegal, on the suspension of Internet TV services. And the management of Internet TV rose to the height of the fundamental interests of the country. Green, safety, environmental protection will be the future development of Internet TV high-voltage line.

according to the streaming media network was informed that the General Administration of the Internet TV market for the following issues raised criticism.

1, with the commercial website cooperation is not standardized

business website in the form of program service platform with the license provider service area cooperation is not allowed to cooperate with the General Administration of the model. (according to the 181 article, broadcast control platform can only access the content of legitimate content services platform, and can not be set up on the public Internet site are linked to each other, can not be on the public Internet content directly to the user.


for a large number of overseas qualifications not obtained broadcast television drama, micro film, network television drama into the phenomenon to be dealt with firmly. For the major broadcast license the total line within a week, waiting for the administration of verification.

2, EPG management out of control

Now the

integrated broadcast EPG pages and the Taiwan Administration approval is not the same, according to the policy requirements, EPG page updates need to be reported to the administration, can not launch new EPG, at present the licenses are not timely updated EPG reported phenomenon. Not submitted for approval, to immediately stop.

3, the terminal product is not issued

According to

No. 181, the Internet TV terminal products must be submitted to SARFT client application number, SARFT will follow the uniform distribution, volume licensing, machine such as the current Internet TV client number rule. But most of the terminal products on the market have not been approved by the general administration. Not approved by the General Administration of the box are illegal products. Subsequent license plate without permission shall not be allowed to launch Internet TV set-top boxes.

4, telecom operators and illegal cooperation

181, the provisions of the transmission network operators are not allowed to engage in Internet TV business user management, billing certification. However, the current license providers are illegal. Including participation in Telecommunications

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