YAHOO decline revelation YAHOO missed mobile chat Market

[Abstract] YAHOO from prosperity to today’s decline, performance in many aspects, YAHOO’s performance is only the tip of the iceberg.

Tencent Francisco before the acquisition of Alibaba and "toss to death", Yahoo China in China portal market was once a rival to be reckoned with, YAHOO’s well-known products in addition to the contents of the portal, free e-mail, also included in the computer chat tool "YAHOO" (Yahoo Messenger), unfortunately because the action is slow, large enterprises, rigid thinking, this PC chat later missed mobile chat boom. Recently, the tool has been upgraded, but the foreign media questioned is already too late.

data show that YAHOO was born in 1999 the first generation of portal boom, later also once in Chinese market actively promote (compared to other mobile chat tool and the tool has a familiar Chinese brand).

But as everyone knows

is, after Yahoo China was the acquisition of Alibaba, business adjustment again and again toss, eventually withdrew from the portal site off the market. YAHOO today in the Chinese market has been completely forgotten.

mobile Internet era, mobile chat has become a popular application, Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage,, WeChat, Japan, such as the Line have received hundreds of millions of users.

but in these mobile chat service providers, YAHOO has long been no shadow.

according to the U.S. science and technology news website VentureBeat reported that YAHOO recently conducted a functional upgrade. After Meijer entered the YAHOO, the acquisition of dozens of mobile Internet Co and sparked controversy. The upgrade, YAHOO also integrate some of the acquired technology, involving Tumblr, Xobli, Cooliris, etc..

version of the new YAHOO pass faster, but also can support the Tumblr diagram.

is reported that so far, YAHOO has launched a mobile version of Android and iOS.

overall, however, these improvements in functionality, has been unable to help YAHOO through the mobile chat market to establish their own sense of presence.

analysts said, in fact, many of the popular PC Internet era products, and can not be extended to the popularity of mobile Internet era. Smart phone provides a new application development model and user experience, the traditional computer end products have been unable to play an advantage.

in addition to YAHOO, Microsoft acquisition of Skype, in the ten years ago was a popular tool in computer network chat, but has now become a telephone network tools, WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook to other products for popularity.

has also been reported that in the middle of this year, YAHOO has

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