A college student and his 5 pornographic websites

      "beautiful world", "full community", "Moonlight alliance" and "beauty of totem", "Alcatraz Island", look at these obscene names, you seem to be very difficult to translate these porn sites and one of the college students together. However, recently by the Jiangsu city of Xuzhou province public security organs cracked "4· the main suspect 12" case of dissemination of pornographic material, not only is a college student, or even a teacher and classmates as "good student" 21 year old youth.

      is such a young man, actually set up 5 pornographic websites, a large number of registered members of the collection, on the site of a large number of pornographic films, pictures, novels.

      emergent porn website

      the beginning of the end of 2006, the Internet has appeared in the "beauty world map", "full community", "Moonlight alliance" and "beauty of totem" and "Alcatraz Island" 5 pornographic websites, ferocious. Different from the general porn sites, these 5 sites can be registered, no registration fee is not received, CPC members can not only browse, download the relevant content on the site, you can also upload pictures and words, these "preferential policies" soon attracted many Internet users, click rate rising rapidly, every day tens of thousands of times, involving more than 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Just half a year, the 5 sites on the development of membership of more than 21 people, with the theme of post up to more than 170 thousand, most of which are pornographic pictures and films.

      April 10, 2007 Jiangsu, a resident of Xuzhou will report these pornographic website to Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau police station Mount Huangshan yunlong. At this time, when the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department and other ten ministries jointly launched nationwide to combat Internet pornography special action, investigation department of Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau network immediately ordered the investigation, combined with the Mount Huangshan police station.

      although the network is a virtual world, online information coming, go without a trace, but open yellow website is sure to want to make money, but to earn money to leave traces. The police through painstaking online investigation, and ultimately determine the suspect remittance and Internet address in Shandong of Rizhao City Province, the suspect is the third grade students in Shandong Career Technical College surnamed zhu.

      arrested for alleged illegal

      April 12th, Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau network monitoring department and the Mount Huangshan police station came to the Career Technical College fatigued with the journey. With the help of the public security organs in Rizhao City, I found a teacher. I wish a teacher heard the wish of a pornographic website founded, surprised, even said "impossible", because "

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