An old networm experience of construction and experience

I am 99 years contact network. Most began to feel very magical, feel to do a website to be difficult, then YAHOO. Sina portal and now some beginners page like, is very simple. But I think it must be very difficult.

          my habit is, if it is not likely to succeed. It is generally not to do, so there is no attention to the station, 99 years to the beginning of 03, are playing games, chat QQ, chat room what.

          in the 03 year, apply for the University, is the electronic business, this time, do not want to contact the site may not, in others busy. Object, time to play games, I will learn how to build.

          because he did not understand the ASP programming, so I find the website construction system, then the two level domain name, and ready-made templates, the website system available, I spent a year 300/ cost to buy one, then I feel very magical, sometimes spend the night time to beautify your own website, do not know what promotion, what profit like, just feel very proud, show off to friends, up to now, the website is easy. With a asp space, then do is the original literary type of the site, then find no longer what power do not know what, because for the promotion, so the traffic is very low, and no power to insist on their own, there is no time to do, what to see yellow movies, then feel boring or do with Jin, keep looking for free domain name, space and the like. Now I remember I applied for a lot of free two level domain names,

For example,

          class. Later into the charges. They threw it, there is a lesson. What are free to buy their own domain name but absolutely.

later, with the symbol of two domain names for free and site space. And the template, playing for a long time, but didn’t realize how to promote, or rarely, and it did not go and play interactive power free forum, and the situation is similar. For a long time in China. For a free forum, got a yellow forum, put a lot of Huangshu, visits that call,. Every post has been hit at least eight thousand times. Later, the space charge. Also, depressed. Just to catch up with the case of backup, because I put a domain name to go to the station.

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