Recommend to you 8 website promotion skills

is not all commercial websites can push Braun seems to be not?. Before the promotion of your business website, you need to check the website of the "equipment" is in line with the following requirements: the website information content rich enough, accurate and timely (electronic version of the company is definitely not); a professional web design (not beginners written); you have a clear site (if the target market your target market positioning in 80 million Internet users, I’m afraid we can’t help you). Then, you can refer to the following tips to promote your website.

The purpose of

promotion website is to improve the site visits and achieve the goal of marketing. Based on this premise, the operator of the site should use the characteristics of Internet and their own target market positioning, so that more potential customers to know your site and become repeat customers.


in the actual promotion and reference of many successful cases, the commercial website promotion techniques are outlined: navigation station registration techniques, manufacturing techniques, the traditional way of event promotion skills, site analysis skills, target email discussion group BBS propaganda propaganda techniques, skills, skills and techniques of network advertisement website,.

a navigation station registration tips

is like YAHOO, LYCOS, navigation ALTAVISTA, Sohu, search guest, YEAH, their website similar function are the numerous website be arranged into a website, so that visitors query.

remember, how did you find some good websites?. So to let others know your site, you have to think of ways to get your site included in the navigation station. But that is not enough, like ALTAVISTA, YAHOO and other famous English navigation station, every day there are thousands of application login URL, although your site was collected, but perhaps only row in the back position. For example: your site is the hanger (hanger), others knock on hanger in the query keywords, the result of 2100 consistent with the web site, you can in 1567th, who will have the strength to turn to page more than and 70? (navigation station query page is usually 10 or 20 results for a page). So be sure to master the registration skills.

1 search engine registration skills

ALTAVISTA, the search for such a navigation station is called the search engine, it automatically included in the submitted url. You should pay attention when submitting the URL:

1) submit the contents of the most abundant URL, do not submit only the root URL ( Because many companies used to be home as beautiful graphics, like the cover of the book, but the search engines do not have a special affection for map, automatic search software only love included text detailed and appropriate URL (>

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