Teach you to use Discuz! 7 background irrigation function

Discuz! 7 Comsenz (Comsenz) released in 2008 December a forum of BBS station products. Discuz! 7, greatly enhanced the Forum irrigation function. I have experienced many webmaster forum is crazy irrigation, as long as the troubles, the clever use of Discuz! The background of the anti irrigation function, the trouble will be greatly reduced or even disappear, will be described in detail below.

a, modify the registration file name

background => registration and access to => registration, you can see the following figure:


you can modify the registered file name, such as modified into add.php, so as to help prevent irrigation software. If you change this setting, you need to manually rename the registration file using the FTP tool, as shown below:


two, novice access control

background => global => registration and access => access control, you can see the following figure:


through the establishment of novice probation period and novice task, can effectively prevent the new user registration immediately after advertising and other irrigation phenomenon.

forum task set detailed tutorial see Discuz! Manual: http://s.faq.comsenz.com/usersguide/discuz

three, set the post time interval

background => global => optimization settings => server optimization, you can see the following figure:


set the two post interval, less than the interval, will not be able to post.

four, enable verification code

verification code set detailed tutorial see Discuz! User manual: http://s.faq.comsenz.com/usersguide/discuz

five, set the maximum number of posts per hour

background => user => user group => details => basic settings, you can see the following figure:


After the

is set, the member of the user group does not exceed the set value per hour.

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