A new method of secondary interest Amoy special purchases for the Spring Festival, idle for baby

years with the increasingly heavy smell, special purchases for the Spring Festival war buddies have triggered at any moment, my heart started playing a small abacus, thinking about where to go to Amoy special purchases for the Spring Festival most cost-effective? But aways are not "cheap"! Hunting fun, can be used for all kinds of idle and unusual special purchases for the Spring Festival baby. Do not want to spend money shopping, do not want to try it?


is now only a fun game launched the "professional second-hand idle transaction application replacement function, allows users to exchange goods without money. Because the second-hand goods of inestimable value, barter is the most economical and secure transactions. In the game fun, you can exchange the same type of goods, such as apple and Android phone replacement replacement Cream Lip Gloss, can also be carried out in the replacement of different types of goods, such as bags, books and clothing replacement SLR replacement etc.. As long as the seller and the buyer to reach a tacit understanding, you can change, for what you want.

when you can choose whether to allow the replacement of goods, allowing the replacement of the goods will be added to the option next to the replacement option.



in order to replace with other users, as long as the other side of the product replacement options, and then choose their own goods can be confirmed.


compared with other scattered and weak supervision of the exchange platform, hunting interest efforts and measures in the sale of the security problem is more worthy of recognition and trust. The platform to encourage real user registration and authentication, WeChat and Alipay to support the safe and convenient payment, in addition to the trading platform of Apple mobile phone, also provides free machine inspection service. In the future, intends to further enhance the level of user interest in the construction of the user’s reputation level, increase the identity card entry and reputation benefits and other functions, in order to consolidate the good atmosphere of the sale, to create the most reliable second-hand trading platform. With the platform of the whole transaction security, replacement more secure.



especially near the new year, we are accustomed to the home to do a clean-up, clean up unnecessary clutter to add new products to Home Furnishing carry clothing to take on an altogether new aspect. These groceries with end, throw and waste, as they will hang in hunting fun, fingertips can change to the needs of the baby, 0 of carbon emissions at home, it is both stylish and environmentally friendly way of shopping. Good things not to hunt et al., now a

interest Amoy Amoy bar!

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