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Beijing time on September 5th news, Adblock Plus is an online advertising shielding software company. Adblock Plus CEO (Till Faida – Tyr IDA method) said: "we all agree is the Internet advertising failure."

Adblock Plus is a German software company, recently, the company went to San Francisco to promote their "acceptable advertising (Acceptable Ads)" project, it describes the status of the advertising industry: advertising pain did not bring enough income, increasing the site had more ads, crazy pop, flashing banner advertising, automatic play the video and audio commercials, with advertising more and more annoying, the user clicks the result is less and less, a further decline in advertising revenue.

Faida said: "this creates a vicious cycle, one day will lead to the collapse of the whole system." Faida believes he is the Savior of the advertising industry.

companies who pay will not shield advertising

Adblock Plus has 50 million users, the business model is this: money to advertisers, not in their users blocked their advertising.

by giving the green light to some ads, Adblock Plus wants to be a profitable advertising shield company!

Faida said that not all ads are bad. He believes that the network needs a healthy advertising industry to support a huge free service, 80% of Adblock Plus users are not opposed to advertising does not hate.

had a problem: if the world is not answered by "acceptable advertising", the final pay or advertising? "Acceptable" not just "interference", it means "neglected", if the advertising is easy to be ignored. It is no use.


Adblock Plus model leads to a problem of traditional mode of sing the same old song, the Internet has destroyed many industries, now it is not to destroy the


operation mode

Adblock Plus "acceptable advertising" is running this way:

– Adblock Plus community will be divided into 2 categories of advertising, one is completely out of the ordinary, to be banned; the other is acceptable.

– set up a team of about 200 people, or the use of open volunteers, let them develop filtering software for the two categories of advertising.

: for small websites, blogs and news sites, "acceptable" advertising, the default state is in the "white list", that is to say the acceptable advertising can smoothly at these sites ".

– Adblock Pl>

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