Wuhan airport general online selling 5 million.

hanphone news (reporter Intern Wang Wenhan Ba Wen) a number of enterprises in Wuhan airport, old city of the general Chinese URL or domain name, by private registered in the Taobao online to sell, are 5 million yuan and offer 1 million 800 thousand yuan.

yesterday, the reporter a telephone interview with Yu Chuxiong – a move the initiator of evil specializing in general URL or domain name registration for Chinese. I said, "Wuhan airport" web site and "old city" Chinese domain, he spend a week before registration. After the sale of the notice issued, there are many consultants, but no one to buy.

A staff of

Wuhan Tianhe Airport Propaganda Department told reporters yesterday, they also do not know the "universal web site of Wuhan airport" registered by others of a thing, but already know that the Internet was selling a thing, will further verify the investigation.

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called the "web site", is a new generation of network name of the national implementation of the access mode, as long as in the browser address bar directly enter the name of the enterprise, product, website, industry, you can reach the target site, without memory complex domain name, web site, no need to access the memory before the suffix network, realize convenient and fast visit the website.

"Chinese domain name", but also a new generation of Chinese domain name. Different from the general site is Chinese is domain name suffix, and can be used to do a website, this is web site features not available.

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