Electricity providers say Eslite has submitted PO application of the fastest next month


CEO (aged Eslite Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) November 11th news, in lashou by accounting issues suspended IPO, B2C enterprise where the listing plan has been quietly started. Intime network CEO Liao Bin yesterday in micro Tencent forum broke the news, B2C company in November 5th where the customer has submitted the listing approval, the fastest next month through the approval and listing, this is the B2C circles recognized private message.

according to the news from the investment community from the side confirmed. There are investors in the Tencent said, where the original plan listed in a new round of financing listed before the start of next year, the scale of financing up to $1 billion, all passengers aged CEO and angel investor Lei have made great efforts in the middle, but because we have a large size, high valuation, after rumors reached $5 billion.


investors pointed out that in the current capital tight situation, there is not much VC can offer, which also makes the customer through private financing plans, to open the market.

new round of financing has not too much VC can be connected to disk

In fact, since this year

has repeatedly rumored VANCL to the United States market, as early as in the middle of this year, foreign media reported that VANCL has been selected five investment banks responsible for the fourth quarter of this year, the United States listed transactions, plans to raise $1 billion. From foreign news shows, five banks were appointed VANCL IPO trading gold, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Goldman and Morgan stanley.

electricity supplier industry veteran who also revealed that recently visited vancl.com, although VANCL insiders did not admit disclose the listed details, but the other said the company is listed in the quiet period.


technology call all passengers aged CEO years, the phone has not been connected, previously, he had a listing evasive, called back if there is news will give a response. Where PR also temporarily did not respond on the matter. However, a senior customer to be confirmed this, saying we had chosen five investment banks, IPO has also been prepared, but it did not disclose more information.

at the beginning of aging has made it clear that the priority is not listed VANCL, scale is the most important, but the news shows, Eslite or tiptoed into the listed queue.

It is reported that Eric

, founded in 2007, its sales last year reached 2 billion yuan this year, the sales target of 10 billion yuan, at present we have recently completed the five round of financing, a sum of 100 million dollars in financing. Such as the $1 billion IPO smoothly, where the customer is expected to become the United States this year, the capital market financing of the largest Internet companies China.

or harbinger of worse capital environment next year

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